“Molley has had some pretty intense dental/ortho procedures. Dr Poole and his staff have been so patient and caring to her this past year after her surgery and her appliance was put in. Today she got her appliance out and her teeth are amazing! Thank you.”

“My son absolutely loved Dr. Poole and we would highly recommend him to anyone else. I finally got him to get braces and Dr. Poole was the doctor who helped me do that. Can't wait to see what the next two years will bring. Thank you!! Your staff is amazing.”

“Dallin loves coming here and if it turns out that he needs braces, the only reason he'll be excited is because it is with Dr. Poole. Thank you for making it so easy to love the process of getting braces.”

“We are very pleased with our son's treatment. Dr. Poole is great to interact with and has been very informative for me as a parent and relates well to my son. Thanks for a great smile!”

“I have been so impressed with Dr. Poole. He is friendly and makes my kids feel at ease. I was especially impressed at how he took extra time to discuss a difficult decision with my son who was feeling some anxiety about what was going to happen. Thanks!”

“We love it here. Dr. Poole is so good with my kids—always makes them feel at ease. I love how he clearly explains things. All the staff is friendly!”

“Dr. Poole gives my daughter confidence in her smile. He compliments her on her beautiful teeth and that in turn results in happy smiles.”

“We have had four kids go through this office with braces. Each kid’s experience has been different, but personalized to them. We love this office for their great service, as well as the things they do to support the community.”

“Thank you for being so professional. We felt so welcomed and you can tell Dr. Poole totally loves what he does. He was so thorough in explaining what we need to do for my daughter, and we are so excited to get started on my daughter’s teeth.”

“My daughter has anxiety, especially in new situations. The staff and Dr. Poole took such great care in making her feel comfortable. It means the world to me as a mother to see people handle and respond to her with such kindness.”

“Dr. Morris is the best! He has worked with all three of my children and made their teeth perfect! I would highly recommend Poole Orthodontics; they are so professional, always on time, affordable, the office is so clean, and they do a beautiful job.”

“Dr. Poole is our favorite! The kids love how he interacts with them, and I appreciate how he keeps me apprised of what is going on with them.”

“Everyone was so nice!!! I appreciated all the time Dr. Poole sat and went over everything. He was so patient and kind with my kids. I was beyond impressed with the entire experience.”

“My son hates doctors—period. He's shy and super nervous. We left here and he said how much he likes that dentist! Dr. Poole was SO GREAT in explaining and being nice with my boy. I'll not take my boy anywhere else but with Dr. Poole! I too as the parent appreciate it here!”

“We saw Dr. Poole. My seven-year-old was really afraid since she has had to have several cavities filled. Dr. Poole and his assistant were so great with her. They joked and talked with her beforehand and after. She was smiling when we left! Thank you.”

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